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Your partner for care in Brussels

Huis voor Gezondheid ("House for Health") is the ideal point of contact for all Dutch-speaking healthcare professionals in Brussels. You are a healthcare professional and have concrete questions or experiences you would like to share? We share our knowledge of the Brussels healthcare domain and stimulate collaboration and networking between organisations and healthcare professionals. We aim to improve the access to and the quality of healthcare for everybody in need of healthcare administered by Dutch-speaking professionals. In order to do this, Huis voor Gezondheid supports healthcare professionals and their organisations who, in the context of a highly diverse capital city, want to offer accessible quality healthcare in Dutch, based on a global approach of the patient/client. 

Working together

Them. Us. Together. Want to get to know other healthcare professionals? No idea how to reach a GP? Huis voor Gezondheid is your point of contact in order to work together for optimal healthcare. Some of our keywords:

  • Network. Together with colleagues from hospitals, home care services and the wellness sector, we enable easy multidisciplinary collaboration, focused on the patients, on a regional level. Huis voor Gezondheid will be your bridge to other healthcare professionals.
  • Multidisciplinarity. Huis voor Gezondheid will introduce you to care pathways, care schemes, care plans and a whole series of other techniques that help improve the quality of healthcare and of your work. We will assist you in your communication and information exchange with other professionals. As a healthcare professional you help us define priorities and objectives. We will help you optimise your referral, patient flow and care processes.
  • Innovation. Pathways, schemes, plans... Does this sound confusing? Huis voor Gezondheid will guide you through all new evolutions and must-haves! We will provide you with a wide range of tools to support you in your collaboration with other healthcare professionals. 


Working better

 Each healthcare professional aims for maximum quality. Huis voor Gezondheid can help you improve your professional work. We offer our expertise in terms of quality improvement, free of charge, through:

  • Training. You are not alone in the Brussels healthcare sector. Huis voor Gezondheid organises training sessions for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, chemists... together with a local association or professional union. All trainings are free. Go to and have a look at the calendar.
  • Useful tools. On the Huis voor Gezondheid website you will find, per type of healthcare professional, a series of practical tools you can download and use immediately in your work.
  • Language issues. Huis voor Gezondheid will guide you through the many linguistic complexities of the Brussels capital region. Language barrier? No problem! Can't find your way in the myriad of local institutions? Huis voor Gezondheid will act as your GPS. Intercultural mediation? Not a problem, we can even come to your office.
  • Taylor-made information. What's a Global Medical File? Where can I ask for a higher reimbursement? How to pay through a third party? Well-informed patients always fare better in the healthcare process. Therefor Huis voor Gezondheid has published an information folder, to help healthcare professionals explain several concepts from our healthcare system in a clear, easy to understand way.
  • Brussels figures. Sometimes a number can say more than a thousand words. We at Huis voor Gezondheid know where to find statistical data about the Brussels capital region: offering/consumption of healthcare, poverty, mortality, morbidity... The city will have less secrets for you if you ask Huis voor Gezondheid. Are you an expert yourself? Please contact us to share your knowledge through our network.


Care for healthcare professionals

Huis voor Gezondheid is working for high-quality, accessible healthcare available in Dutch in Brussels. This goal can only be reached with the right people. That is why we want to attract enthusiastic healthcare professionals and support the young and the old.

  • Students in secondary education. We want to motivate them to choose a profession in healthcare, for instance through practical experiences and fascinating testimonials in class. Hence we are constantly looking for enthusiastic 'ambassadors' from the healthcare sector. Are you willing to talk about your job in front of a classroom? If so, please contact us, or go to to get to know the H-team.
  • Internships. Huis voor Gezondheid encourages all Dutch-speaking healthcare students to do an internship in Brussels. Through internships in our network we introduce them to the fascinating Brussels healthcare sector. We work together with schools, colleges, universities and healthcare institutions to guarantee interesting, high-quality internships. Through meetings and events we introduce students to the services of Huis voor Gezondheid, the Brussels healthcare sector and  the city of Brussels itself.
  • A new career. Together with our partners we encourage career switchers, newcomers and jobseekers to opt for the Brussels healthcare sector. Huis voor Gezondheid will gladly explain to you the different training possibilities available.
  • Future doctors in hospitals. Huis voor Gezondheid informs specialist doctors in training about the training requirements in Brussels hospitals. Both doctors in training and interns can ask for a mentor.  An experienced doctor will act as a person of confidence and will offer support where possible. Are you a specialist yourself and would you like to take a new colleague under your wing? Please let us know!
  • Starters' service. Are you starting out as a new healthcare professional? Do you have any doubts about where to establish your office? Do you want to know whether you are entitled to any financial support? Would you like to visit an existing office for inspiration? We can discuss your needs during a one-to-one interview. We offer information about professional associations, area analyses, training possibilities, legal information and management advice to starting healthcare professionals.



 What is Zorgzoeker?

  • An information platform for healthcare professionals and people looking for them in Brussels and Flanders.
  • A database of all Dutch-speaking healthcare professionals, health and wellness organisations in the region.

Useful? Most certainly! Zorgzoeker leads to improved visibility and knowledge of the healthcare sector in Dutch. Go to

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